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Presentation of my work as 3D and VR consultant


Slides presentation that detail other projects

Projet Bublle


Bubulle is a project of the INREV laboratory (university Paris 8).

This is a digital art installation for children between 3 to 7 year old.
The idea is simple childs blow soap bubble in front of a screen, and virtual dragonfly will play and interact with bubble in real time.

The technical part consist in doing real soap bubble tracking with OpenCV and send data to unity3D. Then in Unity we have code an artificial inteligence simulating the dragonfly behavior.

SCP Camera - VR project


My last year student project.

A virtual reality project that aim to immerge the user as a virtual cameraman.
The hardware record all the camera movements and actions (zoom IN/OUT, depth of field,...), and the software allow you to arrange your sequences il order to make your cut.
At the end you can export the result to Maya or 3dsmax in order to reuse camera motions.

This project was presented at the Siggraph Emerging Technologies.

( http://www.siggraph.org/s2007/attendees/etech/19.html )

Khufu revealed - Kheops révélé


Khufu Revealed,
a great Virtools project (done by Emissive studio for Dassault Systemes) realised in order to present the Jean Pierre Houdin theory about the construction of Khufu pyramid.

I worked on this project as a Virtools scripter and a shader artist (HLSL & CGFX).
Try this 3D live experience :
( http://khufu.3ds.com/introduction/revealed/ )

Multi Material Shader 2006


One of my work at PSA (french car constructor).
Realtime shader development on Virtools.

In this scene every material of the car (car paint, metal, plastic, ...) use the same hlsl shader.
This shader include a lot of parameters, and allow to lot of possibilities.

Relief Mapping Shader


One of my work at PSA (french car constructor).
Realtime shader development on Virtools.

This is the adaptation of the Relief Mapping algorithm [policarpo06] ( http://www.inf.ufrgs.br/~oliveira/RTM.html ) to Virtools shader system.
This exemple show how to simulate a complex object (about 50k triangle) with a few triangles and two texture.